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 Medical Laser Tattoo Removal

At South Coast Laser Clinic we use Polaris Medical Q-Switched Ruby Laser is recognised internationally as the gold standard for Tattoo Removal. The laser produces pulses of energy that are very short, but extremely high in power. The tattoo pigments are heated and broken down into smaller particles that the body can then dispose of naturally. It requires multiple treatments.

Normally a minimum of 8 sessions are required to remove a tattoo, dark tattoos respond best. You will notice improvements after each session.

Using a full medical grade Q-Switched Ruby laser gives us a big advantage over the more commonly used low cost YAG lasers from China that most clinics use. These struggle to remove coloured tattoos and can often produce substantial hypopigmentation, which is a whitening of the skin.

Our Benefits

  • Over 14 years experience = The very best care and attention
  • Latest Generation Medical Grade Equipment tasted with time = The best possible results
  • Very Competitive Prices
  • Easy to find and unlimited free parking

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Positive changes @ SCLC

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