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Welcome to South Coast Laser Clinic

I am a fully qualified Medical Laser Practitioner with over a decades worth of experience within the field of Laser Aesthetics. I am determined to give you a professional, personal and caring service whilst delivering the best possible results at a reasonable price. With gathered knowledge over many years in the industry, I always give practical and honest advice. Please get in contact to discuss your needs.

Anna Shepherd             

The primary focus at SCLC is to offer you the safest, most advanced and effective medical grade treatments that are currently available. We have never taken the easy approach, preferring to invest in the most suitable equipment regardless of price, to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

At SCLC we only use Medical grade Lasers. For example, with tattoo removal most clinics use Q-Switched YAG lasers primarily of China origin, these are cheap to buy, but provide a poor result, often with many complications. At the South Coast Laser Clinic we took the decision right from the start, to only use the industry standard and vastly more expensive Q-Switched Ruby laser. The same medical grade equipment that the largest healthcare providers in the world use.

With hair removal we took the decision to invest in a Polaris Medical ND: YAG laser. This is a full medical grade machine that provides vastly superior results to the numerous cheap IPL machines that are used by the majority of clinics.

Because it is your body, and because we care. 

Positive changes @ SCLC

South Coast Laser Clinic, Cams Hall, Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 8AB